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Free-Raised Pork Bundle (25lbs)

Free-Raised Pork Bundle (25lbs)

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The Pork Bundle features a smaller version of our free-raised half hogs. We've structured it for some flexibility in fulfillment based on what we have available. You will get the best value we have on hand.


25lbs of our free-raised, Berkshire-cross heritage pork:

Box items approximately include (everything is flash frozen and vac sealed):

10# ground pork (80/20 blend, loose); classic loose sausage variety (Italian, breakfast, chorizo, etc.)[1# packages] 

5# bone-in pork chops; boneless pork steak; pork tenderloin

4# boneless country-style ribs; boneless pork brisket

2# bone-in pork shoulder roast

2# uncured smoked bacon ends

2# uncured smoked sliced bacon