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Half Freezer Pork

Half Freezer Pork

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Half carcass of our free-raised, heritage-bred pork; custom-cut for your home freezer.

Follow these 3 steps to order:

1) Select your cut preferences in the charcoal-colored box below (ex: bone-in raw chops or smoked, etc.). Our default half hog breakdown is listed below. 

2) Purchase & checkout to confirm order and enter production timeline.

3)After purchase, we will follow up in 1-2 days to review your selections. You can submit your special requests during this process.

Please note: 

- carcass orders take 3-5 week fulfillment time b/c of the customizable options

- all specialty and smoked items have an extra charge of $2.50/lb.

- please watch for an additional invoice after your original purchase, should you choose specialty smoked items.

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They come from the same cut of PIG and cannot be substituted


Options are available in 10 pound increments, up to 3 specialties. Selections are made after purchase in follow-up email.

Half Freezer Pork Includes:

  • 10 lbs - Ground Pork/Specialty items10 ea. - 1 pound package
  • 12 lbs - Raw or Smoked Pork Rib Chops16 ea. 10 oz Bi chops -2 per package
  • 4 lbs - Boneless Loin Roast/T-Bone 2 ea. 2 pound roasts - 1 per package
  • 16 lbs - Ham-Smoked/Fresh/Steaks2 ea 8 pound smoked ham
  • 1.5 lbs - Tenderloin1 ea. package
  • 2.5 lbs - Baby Back Ribs1 ea.2.5 pound Baby Back Racks
  • 4 lbs - Smoked or Raw Shank2 ea. 2 pounds smoked/raw shanks
  • 14 lbs - Bone-in Shoulder Roast7 ea. 2 pound shoulder roasts
  • 5 lbs - Boneless Country Ribs4 ea. 20 oz packages
  • 8 lbs - Pork Stock Bones Loose Bag
  • 4 lbs - Back fat2 ea. 2 pound package
  • 1 lbs - Leaf Lard1 ea. 1 pound package
  • Organs1 ea. Tongue, 1 ea. Heart, 1 ea. Liver.
  • 2.5 lbs - Memphis Ribs1 ea. 2.5 pound Memphis Racks
  • 10 lbs - Smoked Bacon/Boneless Pork Belly/Side Pork10 ea. 1 pound packages or 1 ea. 10 pound bellies
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