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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my order be ready?

    Our average fulfillment for orders is 3-5 business days.

    For bulk freezer orders (quarters, halves and whole animals) please allow 3 weeks for fulfillment.

    We ship out of our local region on Tuesdays each week.

  • I chose farm pick up , where is your farm located?

    Our farm is in a small town, Northeast of the Twin cities, in Osceola, WI. Please see your confirmation email for our exact address.

  • When can I pick up my order?

    Our farm pick up hours are Saturday mornings from 10:00am-12pm.

  • Can I get a tour when I come for farm pick up?

    We do not offer tours at the farm right now. We are busy taking care of animals, processing meat, and shipping it to you. :) Sign up for our newsletter to get any updates on a "farm day" in the future.

  • Where do you ship your meat?

    The 48 states! We offer our Local Delivery to the Twin Cities Metro , discounted shipping rates to our region, and nation wide shipping.

  • What areas do you offer local delivery to?

    Please follow the link to be directed to a list of our Zip Code coverage.

  • What is the difference between your local delivery and local shipping?

    Local Delivery is for the Minneapolis metro area (and a little beyond). We use our own delivery van, trusted driver, and deliver straight to your door!

    Local Shipping are our preferred third-party shipping companies that ship our meats to you.

  • What stores can I find your meat in?

    Please see our retailer's page for a full list!

  • Do you have any gluten free sausage options?

    Both our Italian Sausage, and Breakfast Sausage are gluten free!

  • Are you really out of stock?

    When a product is listed 'out of stock', we do not physically have the product cut, packaged and available for sale at that time. We have a rotating stock, and hope to fill all cuts as soon as possible! We do offer an alert email notification option. This option will send you a notification as soon as we add even one piece to inventory. It's the fastest way for us to let you know when your favorites are back!

  • How can I contact you?

    Please contact us at We check it throughout the day, but please keep in mind, we do not answer emails on weekends.

  • Are you 100% grass fed beef?

    We are not 100% grass fed. We implement two biological systems (managed organically): crop rotation & rotational grazing. We utilize non-gmo grains/grasses (oats, corn, wheat, barley) in rotation with our pasture legumes (pink clover, alfalfa). We use the grains for feed, bedding, and key nutrient recycling as part of a regenerative soil system. Our cattle graze legume/grass pastures while building soil/sod.

  • What does “free-raised & grazed” mean?

    Free-raised & Grazed is our regenerative agriculture term to best describe our animal husbandry and stewardship practices. We keep our livestock in their natural environments whenever possible. Given the dormant nature of winter, we are not able to graze year-round but we ensure ample, clean space.

  • Are you certified organic?

    We are not certified organic. We manage our pastures organically but we do not use certified organic seeds for crop production. However, we raise non-gmo cereal grains/grasses. We do not administer synthetic growth hormones nor feed antibiotics to our livestock.