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Dry-Aged Beef Bundle (25lbs)
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Dry-Aged Beef Bundle (25lbs)

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Our dry-aged beef bundle mirrors a whole beef carcass. We pack the best value we have available. You can request certain cuts but we can't guarantee any specific cuts in the bundles.

25lbs of our pasture-raised, dry-aged beef 

Box items include (everything is vacuum-sealed):

10# mix of 1# ground beef packages (85/15, 90/10, craftsman)

5# primo steaks: strip steaks, ribeyes, filets (mix of best available)

5# value steaks: flat iron, petite bistro, sirloin, bavette, steak bites (mix of best available)

5# roasts/fajita: beef roasts, stew meat, fajita strips, osso bucco (mix of best available)