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BBQ / Smoking Bundle (26 lbs)
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BBQ / Smoking Bundle (26 lbs)

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We practice whole carcass butchery These packages represent a cross section of the carcass. We've structured it for some flexibility in fulfillment of your order. Rest assured, you will get the best value we have on hand 

26 lbs of our Free-Raised & Grazed™️ meats built for smoking/BBQ at home:

Box items approximately include:

4 lbs Brisket -or- Boneless Beef Belly 

5 lbs Pork Belly -or-Pork Brisket

5 lbs Tri-Tip -or- Beef Short Ribs -or- Beef Cheeks

10 lbs Bone-in Pork Butt

2 lbs Baby Back Ribs -or- Memphis Ribs