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Multi-Generational Family Farm

We’re one family living out our mission to build healthy soils and doing it together.

Regenerative Farming

Improving soil ecosystems through cell grazing, crop rotation, and pasture-based livestock.

Quality Craftsmanship

Excellence and thoughtfulness is an expectation in everything we do.

Our family farm, Since 1969

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What People Say

“ Delivery was perfect and so far I have tried the hamburger, bacon and a hot dog and all were awesome! The burger looked and tasted fresh, clean and was juicy, looking forward to a grilled burger soon; the bacon was all nice same size slices and thickness and really good and the hot dog was possibly the best dog I've ever had. Love the foot long size and  it was snappy, juicy and flavorful.I will be a regular just not often as I try not to eat meat too often these days when I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat of quality that's been cared for and with no added anything so I can feel better about the meat I am eating.Thank you.  .”

I couldn’t be happier with my first order from Peterson Craft Meats.
It was a unique order, some items not found on the website along with specialty cuts.
It was a pleasure dealing with Debora, my order was handled professionally and promptly with care, I feel like I’ve made a new friend.
Most importantly the meat is amazing. I made smoked jerky out of the beef hearts, my annual Christmas offerings, which have been described as my best batch ever. The thick cut pork chops and bone in ribeye truly are the most amazing meats ever to have graced my grill. I smoked the Memphis style ribs for my “son-out-law’s” birthday, here is the direct quote from him.“Wow, you’ve truly outdone yourself. Amazing ribs. Best I’ve ever had, no question. The meat was so flavorful and the rub was a perfect compliment.”So, to say that I had a great experience with Peterson Craft Meats would be an understatement.
I am recommending you to everyone I know.
Thank you for existing.
I’m looking forward to a long healthy and happy relationship.

"We ordered the hamburger. It is great. Appreciated the delivery!!!"

"Thank you for your meat packages. They are the best. Can't wait till I buy my next one. I share with family and friends and they all love it. Again thanks and stay safe. "

"This is our third order (in probably a month) from peterson's and beyond the delicious meat, I am so impressed with the exceptional service!"

"We split 1/2 beef and pork within our families recently. Want to share with you how happy we are with everything!! Burger is excellent, steaks and roasts melt in your mouth. Pork chops, bacon, bulk sausage and farmer Wayne’s patties are fantastic! Thanks for your efforts and talent! ... Happy Holidays!!"

"I just wanted to let you know we received our delivery and everything is great. The bones are great and Louie loves them. Thank you for your help."

 "I received my order yesterday and was pleased beyond belief.
I’m often asked where you can get the best steak in the Twin Cities, I always reply from my smoker/grill. It has been never more true than today! Thank you so much!
... I’ll be making jerky out of the beef hearts next week and already know it will be amazing. Pork chops next weekend, more pictures will follow.
Thanks so much!
Looking forward to a long and fulfilling relationship!

Just wanted to let you know we picked up our 1/4 beef last week and have had the strip steaks and ground beef so far.
So delicious, tender, flavorful. We have had a pork box from you also and your bacon is the best I have ever had. We are new to Wisconsin and this is our first time buying directly from a farm.
So happy to find and support a local family business!
Thank You!!.”